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What is the best gift to give for any occassion is it something they store away only to be brought out on special events? Or would you prefer to give something that will be used everyday something that brings out the comment I wouldn't be able to manage without my...? Well in the following pages you will find those items that no one can manage without. Just click the photo to see the items available. Best viewed with a brew of your favourite beverage!

As knifes are dangerous in the wrong hands please use only for the purpose they are designed.

Honana Profession Kitchen Sharpening Tool Scissor Knife Blade Sharpener Tools With 4 Stones.



This kitchen sharpening tool keeps knives razor sharp and ready to cut, which is a quick and easy way to sharpen knife blade.
Extend the lifespan of your cutlery and increase your cutting power with this essential kitchen tool.
Make the most of the knives in your commercial or home kitchen with the help of this hard-working sharpening rod. 
● Come with 4 high quality stones, 120#,320#,600#,1500#
● Perfect industrial design, 

  •   beautiful appearance.

● Sharpening stone can use oil or water.


Product purpose:


In order to get best results please mind the following:

This is full side finish sharpening system intended for blade re-sharpening and honing. It is not intended to put an edge  on blade blanks and edgeless objects.


This system is intend for full side finish sharpening in order to get best results you need to fully complete work with all  stones on one side before turning the 
blade to the other. Turning balde every time per stone is unnecessary and might  negatively affect end results.


Although all stones have factory finish, please note that sometimes they might require additional manual surface lapping  due to natural deformation.

You may copt and paste the details below for reference.


Sharpening instructions:


Blade positioning:

Position the blade in manner so the blade clamp would be in the middle of blade length. Adjust blade stopper plate to compensate for spine geometry and 
assure two-point black contact. Allow overhang 0f 1/2 of blade width from the edge of the system.  Use the clamp slider to compensate for blade slope angle
and provide maximum contact between clamp and blade surface. Position the guide in a manner so the stone would have same contact angle on each part 
of the edge and fixate the guiding cradle.



Using coarse stone sharpen the blade in pulling circular motions until you will see uniform edge finish on the entire length of the blade(please note that pushing
motion with stones less than 600 grit might negatively affect your further work on the blade). Switch to the finer stone after finish is uniform. Work your way to the
higher grit stones when you are no longer able to see marks of the previous stone. Always wipe the blade with wet cloth before using next grit stone. Turn the blade
on the other side after you done with all stones on the first side. After finishing both sides wipe the blade thoroughly and use the finest grit stone again to clean up
remaining burrs and rolls(these are unavoidable due to thinning of the balde during sharpening)use paper cutting test to find them.




Material: Stainless steel + metal
Weight: About 900g


Package included: 

1Set x Scissor Knife Blade Sharpener Tools Set.


Great tool and great value at £29.99


KCASA KF-2 5 Pieces Black Blade Ceramic Knife Set Multi-function Ergonomic Chef Knife Peeler Slicer!


KCASA KF-2 5 Pieces Black Blade Ceramic Knife Set Multi-function Ergonomic
Chef Peeler Slicer
Kcasa KF-2 ceramic knife set comes with brand new ergonomic design, non-rust, non-toxic and without heavy metal ions.
Made from nanostructured zirconia material. Durable and sharp,modern and eco-friendly.
We made it for a delicate modern kitchen,so you can enjoy its comfortable ergonomic handle, annual rings pattern and sharp blade.
The Kcasa KF-2 ceramic knife set will reach you in 5 pieces high-quality kitchen knives, they'll be good helpers for your kitchen.
With shreding, peeling, cutting and slicing functions, to meet your various needs.
Durable sharp edge.
Ergonomic and protective handles
Snakeskin pattern handle and annual rings pattern blade.
Easy to clean with no detergent, which have no food residue.

                     Material:               Nanostructured zirconia
                          Style: Snakeskin pattern
Annual rings pattern blade
                           Size: Chef knife:27.4cm
Slicing knife:24.7cm
Fruit slicer:21.4cm
Fruit paring knife:18.2cm

All for only £29.99!

               Package includes:
                   1 X KCASA KF-2 Chef Knife
                   1 X KCASA KF-2 Slicing Knife
                   1 X KCASA KF-2 Fruit Slicer
                   1 X KCASA KF-2 Fruit Paring Knife
                   1 X KCASA KF-2 Peeler
                   1 X Holder