Welcome to holidays.Joes-shop.co.uk as you can see the site is laid out with ease of use for all in mind. If this is your first visit I would encourage you to either bookmark / add to favourites as the site is growing all the time thank you. When you have found a property you would love to base your holiday please copy the web address which is in your browser address bar it starts with https and send in an email to all your friends. If and when you have arranged a holiday rental through one of the owners on this site and you inform me of the arrangement and the owner  confirms that booking I will give you one of  25% discount on any purchase from my gift site so click the menu.

As your comments help to improve the site please take the time to click the holiday tips button above and send your comments straight to me.
If you own your own holiday rental property or B & B in the UK or Ireland , please get in touch for cost effective advertising and I will contact you within 24 Hours.
Please click this email address holidays@joes-shop.co.uk.
 Don't forget to include your name, a link to your site, a landline telephone number and a day and time when you would be available to receive a call. Please allow a 2 hr window thank you. Please be assured nobody working on behalf of my site will ever ask for your card details.
For those  of you who have not holidayed in the UK or Ireland below are some of the activities that can be enjoyed in
either country!

Canoeing fun
Go carting fun
All the fun of the fair
Site seeing
Bird watching
Horse riding
Family golfing fun
Family beach fun
Rock climbing

There are many more activities to do or just relax and watch guaranteed fun in the UK & Ireland!

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