Please click on the area you are most interested in visiting then read about the properties in brief for those that you want to find out more click on photo which opens their page on our site  when you wish to contact an owner  on their page you will see a button click to go to owners contact page where you should find their email  or contact number if you have any problems email me at the email:

Please include prop name and area and I will forward you the info within  24 hrs.

Not sure where to go in England the owner of the three properties on the Sussex (a lovely part of England) page you could gain a subastantial discount on the cost of either of the 3 Sussex properties that Gayle owns. That could mean a great saving which is fantastic the discount is yours if you contact the owner (Gayle) directly and mention you found her property on Joe's Place!   Please check out all 3 properties Here  send the link to your travelling friends ask them to let you know. Please act quickly as Gayle could stop this at anytime then contact Gayle all details follow the link above.


 Be aware if calling from outside the UK international charges may be applied.

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